Wall Clocks

Always know when the movie will start with an authentic Goldberg Brothers 10-1/2ʺ film reel clock. These distinctive timekeepers for cinema fans begin as a genuine Goldberg Brothers 16mm steel film reel, just like the countless thousands we have made for small theaters and classrooms worldwide. We powder coat the reel, install the clockwork, then wind a long plastic strip on the reel to simulate film. You can choose from five different reel colors to match your decor. One of these clocks is a must-have for your media room, and it looks great anywhere else in your home or office.

film reel wall clock


  • Genuine 10-1/2ʺ diameter 16mm steel film reel
  • 4-1/2ʺ minute hand
  • Simulated film roll
  • Five available powder coat colors
  • Standard clockwork powered by a single AA battery

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