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Barnfold® HD Folding Barn Door Hardware

[Also see: Medium Duty Folding Barn Door Hardware]


Goldberg Brothers has taken all the benefits of our original Barnfold® folding barn door hardware and super-sized them! Barnfold HD features heavy-duty steel components for use with larger doors and a wider variety of applications.

  •  Reversible – opens either to the left or right
  • Needs only 5ʺ of adjacent wall space for a clear opening
  • Does not obstruct the floor – no channel guide needed
  • More usable space than ordinary bifold doors
  • Hangers and track made from heavy-duty 2″ steel bar stock
  • Durable steel rollers with sealed bearings
  • Fits 13/8ʺ, 13/4ʺ, or 21/4ʺ doors
  • 2-door sets available in 13 lengths from 24ʺ to 96ʺ
  • 4-door sets available in 13 lengths from 48ʺ to 192ʺ
  • J strap or top mount hanger styles
  • Matching 7ʺ pull handle included
  • Choose from raw steel or 16 powder-coating colors
  • Total door weight limit 400 lb (2-door set) or 800 lb (4-door set)
  • Maximum door panel size: 48″ X 108″
  • Professional installation recommended

Please note: For the best fit with a fully clear opening, a 2-door track should be at least 6 inches longer than the opening and a 4-door track should be at least 10 inches longer than the opening. The combined width of the door panels should be equal to the length of the track. See our Barnfold® sizing tables for more details.

We highly recommend consulting with one of our local dealers before making or buying door panels. They can help you verify the optimal sizes of doors and track for your installation.

Designer tip: Barnfold® HD hardware sets include 7″ pull handles. You can customize the look of your doors by substituting any combination of our other sizes and styles of flush pulls or pull handles.

Heavy Duty

2-door J-strap Barnfold® HD hardware set with track (track and handle images are not to scale)

Heavy Duty

4-door J-strap Barnfold® HD hardware set with track (track and handle images are not to scale)

Powder Coat Colors


  • Due to variations in printers and display screens, all color representations above are approximate.  Color sample cards are available. See your Goldberg Brothers retail dealer.
  • Raw steel does not have a protective coating. Rusting will occur.
  • PC Chrome is a powder coat finish with a glossy, chrome-like appearance. It is not chrome plating.
  • Steel components used with Matte Black Texture and Bronze Texture may have minor surface blemishes acquired during the manufacturing process. These superficial variations will be hidden by the powder coating and do not affect product performance.