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Tube Metal Laser Cutting

Choose Goldberg Brothers for superior tube laser cutting services. We use state-of-the-art metal tube cutting lasers to cut precisely shaped and positioned holes, corners, designs, and more. Our engineering team also provides welding and assembly services for complete product finishing and simpler supply chain management. We offer accurate laser cutting, custom product management services, and assembly workflows with reputable companies such as Stages Cycles and Summit Sensory. Learn more about our services and the unique advantage partnering with Goldberg Brothers can provide for your organization.

Our Laser

Our facility uses a 2022 Trumpf Tube laser. This laser has cutting-edge technology for highly accurate cutting power that operates within strict tolerances. With our in-house equipment, we can cut low- and high-volume orders of tubes, extruded aluminum, bar stock, angle iron, and other metal substrates. This laser system is automated to ensure faster production. It uses nitrogen gas, which produces high-quality edges that ensure the product can move straight to the powder coating stage, bypassing any preliminary cleaning or finishing stages. Notably, pure nitrogen is used in applications that require the material to not oxidize as it is cut.

Why Goldberg Brothers?

Streamline your supply chain by working with a production partner who can manage tube laser cutting, welding, powder cutting, and assembly all in one location. At Goldberg Brothers, we provide high-quality services that minimize supply chain complications and ensure you can have your complete order faster without compromising on quality.

We work with a wide range of metal substrates and have the equipment and expertise to develop custom designs and product configurations. Our automated tube laser guarantees precise, fast, and accurate cut designs, and we provide finishing processes in-house so you can quickly move products to the packaging and warehousing stages.

Benefits of Goldberg Brothers

At Goldberg Brothers, we specialize in quality and efficiency. When you partner with our team, you get these benefits for your metal machining projects:

  • Experience: Goldberg Brothers has been a leading provider of high-quality hardware products for over 126 years. Since opening our doors in the United States in 1897, we’ve cut, finished, and assembled industrial and commercial metal components for a wide range of industries. Our clients span industrial businesses, government organizations, and direct consumers.
  • Dedication: Our team is committed to providing top-tier work for every manufacturing project. Every product built by Goldberg Brothers is designed for superior performance throughout a long lifespan.
  • Integrity: We never cut corners, and we always approach our clients with respect. Our company supports our client communities with fair services and high-quality products. We also offer free first-article inspection with purchase orders as part of our commitment to fair practices and high-quality production.

Greater Efficiency With Tube Metal Cutting

Turn to Goldberg Brothers for a century-long tradition of tube metal cutting and hardware production. Request a quote today for pricing details and to get your order started.