Door Edge Wrap
 Door Edge Wrap 1

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Wrap an existing door or build your own! Almost any type of wood can become a beautiful sliding door or shutter panel with Goldberg Brothers Barn Door Edge Wrap.

Choose an assortment of individual boards, a set of tongue-and-groove or shiplap slats, decoratively carved wood, or even a reclaimed barn wood panel. Then wrap it with our distinctive, powder-coated steel channels to add a finishing touch to your home.

Barn Door Edge Wrap can also be used to give a finished look to a barn door that has been cut down to a smaller size, eliminating the need to have it rerailed or restiled.

Barn Door Edge Wrap
  • Turns almost any wood or composite material into a finished sliding barn door
  • Adds rigidity to your door to reduce warping
  • Protects the edges of the door from wear and tear
  • Hides rough edges of doors that have been cut down to smaller, custom size
  • Available in 16 powder coat colors or raw steel
  • Available for door or panel thicknesses from  3/4ʺ up to 21/4ʺ
  • Sold in 4 common panel sizes from 2ʹ0ʺ X 4ʹ0ʺ up to 8ʹ0ʺ X 8ʹ0ʺ
  • Easy to cut down to your specific door size
  • Factory-built custom sizes available by special order
  • Curved door kits available by special order

Each kit includes:

  • 4 edge wrap channels
  • all necessary mounting screws
  • 1 adjustable U guide (for either a door or a shutter)
  • a set of shims* for use with Goldberg Brothers Standard, MP, or Shutter Series straight strap roller hangers (sold separately)

*Shims can also be used as drilling templates for mounting roller hangers to the door.

Designer tip: The door can be made out of almost any rigid material. And wood can be covered with decorative tile, wallpaper, paint, or even original artwork.