Projection & View Ports

The quality of the projected image is, obviously, one of the most critical concerns of any movie theater operator, as is the acoustic isolation between the projection booth and the auditorium. Your investment in a superior Goldberg Brothers projection port helps you make sure that what your audience sees and hears is what the filmmakers intended.

We make projection and view ports in a wide range of standard sizes and designs. We also make custom ports for “multi-projectors” – multi-media projection systems for museums and other venues. Contact one of our industrial products distributors near you and they will help you place a custom order.

Double Glass Projection Port

Double Glass Projection Port

Our double glass projection frame accommodates two 15″ x 28″ glass panels, each tilted outward by 5-degrees to minimize standing sound waves between panels and to reduce light reflection back to the projector lens.

The booth sides of the port has a hinged frame and safety straps to securely hold the glass in the opened position while cleaning.

All glass and frames have rubber gaskets for excellent air and sound isolation and vibration damping. The glass is available as an option with or without anti-reflective coating.

This projection port can also be used as a large view port with one or both glass frames.

Goldberg Brothers projection and view port are available in industry standard sizes up to 45″x 33″ for use with the latest digital projection systems.

Dual Window Ports

Dual Window Ports

Our dual window side-by-side projection and view port system is designed for today’s demanding, multi-purpose auditorium requirements.

It allows one wall opening to be used for image projection and viewing during Goldberg Brothers double window port for movie theatersnormal movie screenings. During auditorium rentals for events such as business meetings, film festival panel discussions or church services, the right-side view window can be opened for temporary cable runs and to make it easier to communicate with people inside the auditorium.

We offer a wide range of standard sizes up to 92″x 23″ with left and right doors. We can also make custom sizes upon request.

Projection and View Port

Projection and View Port

Our projection and view port frame accommodates a 15″ x 21″ glass panel. The port sleeve may be mounted either horizontally or vertically as a either a projection port or a view port. The glass is mounted flat in a hinged frame and is encased in rubber, as is the door itself, to isolate sound, air, and vibration between the projection booth and the auditorium.

The port may be opened quickly and easily by unlatching two thumb release latches. The glass is available as an option, with or without anti-reflective coating. The telescoping sleeve will accommodate wall thicknesses of 5.5″ to 12″. Optional wall spacers are available for walls more than 12″ thick.


Projection Glass

Optipure Glass

Goldberg Brothers is the exclusive North American distributor of OptiPure™ projection port glass by FLABEG, a world-leading technical glass manufacturer best known for its high-precision glass panels and mirrors used in the automotive, solar energy, and computer industries. Goldberg Brothers OptiPure™ projection port glass is a low-iron water white float glass with six magnetron-sputtered thin film coating layers applied; a process that provides excellent environmental protection.

OptiPure™ A/R coating significantly reduces reflected light back into the source, allowing up to 98.5% of the source light to be projected out onto the screen. The investment you have made in your digital and film projectors and lenses is not lost to your audience. And better glass gives you a brighter on-screen image, so you can get more value from costly projector lamps. OptiPure™ projection port glass is available with an anti-reflective coating or uncoated.

OptiPure glass specifications sheet


Film Reels

Film Reels are what Goldberg Brothers does best. We offer a wide range of reels that meet or exceed motion picture industry precision standards, in sizes ranging from 8mm to 105mm. For full details on options and specifications, contact a Goldberg Brothers Movie Theater supplies authorized distributor near you.

Sheet Aluminum Flange Reels

Sheet Aluminum Flange Reels

Our sheet aluminum reels are hand-crafted in solid and floating hub styles. The floating hub style allows the hub and flanges to rotate at different speeds during projector start-up and rewind to help prevent film damage.

Our sheet aluminum reels are available in standard 16mm, 35mm and 70mm widths with hub diameters ranging from 5 to 15 inches. Each reel is furnished with either a 5/16″ or half-inch spindle hole in an aluminum core. We can make reels with other special diameters and core sizes on request.

We also offer repair work and field repair kits to extend the working life and return-on-investment of these top-quality reels.