Door Pulls

Goldberg Brothers Film Reel Door Pulls With 24K Gold Plating

Goldberg Brothers film reel door pulls add an elegant and historic touch to your theater or media room entrance. These distinctive handles are made from genuine Goldberg Brothers 35mm cast aluminum film reels, just like the thousands we have manufactured for movie studios and theaters around the world since the Golden Age of Hollywood.

  • Sold in pairs of half-reels for one side of a set of double doors, or for both sides of a single door
  • Compatible with hinged or sliding doors
  • 15ʺ diameter, 11/2ʺ thick cast aluminum
  • Fits 13/8ʺ or 13/4ʺ thick door
  • 7 powder coat color finishes plus 24K gold plating
  • Includes all necessary mounting hardware
  • Easy to install

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