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Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

Goldberg Brothers is a leading provider of high-quality sheet metal cutting services for commercial, industrial, and government organizations. For over 125 years, our company has specialized in complete machining, finishing, and assembly services for custom product needs. Along with our in-house sheet metal cutting services, our technicians provide complete powder coating, assembly, and packaging. This simplifies your supply chain, cuts down on errors and delays, and gives you the peace of mind of working with a reliable partner. For specialty projects, our team can also provide custom design services, programming, and support. We work on everything from Hollywood movie reels to sturdy barn doors and reliable consumer flashlights. Learn more about our shop, in-house capabilities, and processes.

Our Shop

Key Features

The Goldberg Brothers machining shop is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for complete cutting, finishing, and assembly, including powder coating. We also offer barcoding and packaging for easier logistics management. You don’t have to ship your in-progress products from one site to another and pay for services along each stop. Instead, we can complete the project, from cutting to powder coating to shipping, in two weeks or less. Our team also includes nationwide sales support to help sell products.

Our Equipment

Cutting-edge laser tools can produce a cleaner and more exact edge on metal sheeting. Our facility uses an AMADA laser cutting system, which utilizes fiber laser and CO2 technology for fast and efficient cuts that never compromise accuracy. Not only are the cuts fast and precise, but the system can work with multiple different metal varieties, including copper, aluminum, brass, and steel.

The Process

Starting your next project with Goldberg Brothers is easy. You can have your order completed in under two weeks and in five simple steps:

  1. Contact us today via email or request a quote on our website.
  2. We design and review the prints with you to finalize the product design.
  3. The first article of inspection is complete.
  4. We review and finalize pricing for the order.
  5. Final approval authorizes the completion of the order.

Goldberg Brothers uses a collaborative approach so each of our clients has peace of mind, knowing that their custom orders will fulfill the needs of their projects every step of the way.

Full Service With Goldberg Brothers

Goldberg Brothers is synonymous with integrity and experience. For over 125 years, our company has been creating high-quality metal components and assemblies for use across different industries and sectors. Our family-owned business has specialized in high-quality metalwork, manufacturing, and product assembly since 1897, and we remain dedicated to providing both excellent products and reliable customer service. Contact us today to request a quote and get started.

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