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Barn Door Floor Guides

One of the smallest but most important parts of any barn door installation is the door guide, sometimes called the floor guide. The door guide helps keep the door and rollers at the correct vertical angle for smooth operation and a long operational life. Goldberg Brothers makes several types of door guides to meet various installation requirements.

The options below are specifically designed to work best with Goldberg Brothers barn door hardware products. We also offer a line of door roller guides.

11/2ʺ X 11/2ʺ X 1ʺ

(raw aluminum or 16 colors)
(powder coated aluminum to
match stainless steel hardware)
The T-guide is included with most of our barn door hardware
sets. It can also be purchased separately. This sturdy,
powdercoated aluminum component fastens to the floor with
included screws. It requires a 1/4ʺ X 7/8ʺ
continuous mortised slot in the bottom of the door.
7/8ʺ X 1ʺ X 11/2ʺ each
(raw aluminum or 16 colors)
(stainless steel)
Also available:
(stainless steel for glass doors)
The U-guide is a two-piece system that works with an unslotted
door, such as one made with our Barn Door Edge Wrap. It can be
positioned to fit any door thickness. The U-Guide fastens to the
floor with included screws.
11/2ʺ X 2ʺ X 2ʺ standard
11/2ʺ X 2ʺ X 21/2ʺ long
11/2ʺ X 2ʺ X 31/4ʺ extra long
6001SW,-* 6001SWE-*,
(raw steel or 16 colors)
6005SW, 6005SWE, 6005SWEX
(stainless steel)
Also available:
(stainless steel for glass doors)
Sidewall Bracket
When it is not practical to mount a T-Guide or U-Guide to the
floor, you can fasten either one of them to a Sidewall Bracket that
attaches to the wall or baseboard. Sidewall Brackets are available
in three sizes to fit a wide range of door widths. Mounting
hardware is included.
11/2ʺ X 11/2ʺ X 13/4ʺ base
11/2ʺ X 1ʺ X 1ʺ adjustable guide
(raw steel or 16 colors)
(stainless steel)
All-in-One guide
Our All-in-One guide can be used with slotted or unslotted doors
and can be attached to the floor or the wall. It can be adjusted to
fit as a T-guide for 1ʺ to 4ʺ slotted doors or as a U-guide for 3/4ʺ to 17/8ʺ
unslotted doors. Mounting screws and an adhesive-backed felt pad
are included.
11/2ʺ X 24ʺ X 1ʺ
(raw steel or 16 colors)
(stainless steel)
24-inch T-Guide
This extra-long T-guide can be used for special applications. It
should not be installed in the doorway opening where it could
cause a tripping hazard. Mounting screws are included. It
requires a 1/4ʺ X 7/8ʺ continuous mortised slot in the bottom of the
2ʺ X 3/4ʺ X 1/2ʺ each pin
11/16ʺ X 3/4ʺ X 98ʺ guide channel
Continuous Floor Guide
(clear anodized aluminum)
Continuous Floor Guide Pins
Continuous Floor Guide and Pins
This door guide system can be mounted flush with the floor
surface. The guide channel is not pre-cut or pre-drilled so you
can customize it yourself. The pins attach to the bottom of an
unslotted door with provided mounting screws.
11/2ʺ X 13/4ʺ X 111/16ʺ for 13/8ʺ thick door
11/2ʺ X 13/4ʺ X 17/8ʺ for 13/4ʺ thick door
11/2ʺ X 13/4ʺ X 21/8ʺ for 21/4ʺ thick door
60013GX, 60014GX, 60015GX
(raw steel or 16 colors)
60053GX, 60054GX, 60055GX
(stainless steel)
Bypass J-Guide
This guide attaches to the inner door in a bypass configuration
and acts like a T-guide for the outer door. It is available in three
sizes for a wide range of door thicknesses. Mounting screws are
included. It requires a 1/4ʺ X 7/8ʺ continuous mortised slot in the
bottom of the outer door.

* See Goldberg Brothers Standard Series catalogs for color codes and samples