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The Goldberg Brothers Story

A proud, family business

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Our History

The Goldberg Brothers story began in 1897 when Russian immigrants Simon Goldberg and his sons, Louis and Nathan, opened a tinsmith shop in Denver, Colorado. Joined later by siblings William and Jacob, the family business grew into Goldberg Brothers’ Wholesale Hardware and Tinners Supply, one of the largest sheet metal and hardware manufacturers and wholesale distributors in the western United States. By the 1930s, the company made or sold a vast assortment of products ranging from door handles and locks to wash tubs and coal furnaces.

The reel boxGoldbergs started their most famous product line in 1913, supplying the fledgling silent film industry with film reels, shipping boxes and related hardware. Although just a sideline at first, their film-related supplies went on to become their most successful venture. In 1940, Goldberg Brothers signed a license agreement to manufacture film reels under the Eastman Kodak brand, setting the stage for the company to become the world’s leading supplier of film reels for both the professional and amateur markets.

During World War II, the company became a major supplier of film reels and related products for the U.S. Army Signal Corps as well as a manufacturer of other vital war materials for both the U.S. andreel_me Canadian military. The company employed about one hundred workers in 1944, when an accidental fire destroyed its Walnut Street factory. Determined to carry on, the Goldberg Brothers temporarily moved manufacturing operations to their smaller Blake Street offices while they made plans to rebuild.

Over the many decades since then, Goldberg Brothers has made changes to its product lines and business locations and has passed through a few different owners. Today, a different family runs the business, but the same commitment to quality products, caring craftsmanship, and superior customer service that began with Louis, William, Jacob and Nathan Goldberg remains our focus.

Today, and into the Future

Goldberg Brothers continues to manufacture top quality projection ports and related hardware for the motion picture industry. Our 35mm and 70mm reels are still in use at art house theaters and special film screenings of major Hollywood releases. However, with digital movie theater projection now the norm, Goldberg Brothers has changed, too. The company’s flagship film reels have found new life in charming and distinctive home decor and furniture products that capture the mystique and romance of Hollywood’s golden age.

Goldberg Brothers has also returned to its roots as a household hardware manufacturer with its award-winning Goldberg Barn Track sliding barn door track hardware kits, with an ever-expanding line of products for both indoor and outdoor installation.

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For help with Barn Door Hardware products, please contact your local dealer, distributor, or Goldberg Brothers Sales Representative. They can  answer your questions, provide support, or place an order for you.

For professional movie theater equipment and decor products, please contact your nearest dealer.

For movie-themed home decor products, contact any of our decor dealers.

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