Raw Steel and all 16 powder coat colors Black, Silver Metallic, Arch Bronze Matte Black Texture, Silver Metallic, Bronze Texture
Standard Series (6001)
Edge Wrap and Edge Door Pulls (6002)
Shutter Series (6003)
Barnfold® Series (6007)
Interior Dummy Roller Series (6004I)
Shelves and Shelf Brackets (6014)
MP Series (6008)
Hidden Roller Series (6010)
Exterior Dummy Roller Series (6004E)
CP Series (6009)
House Number Signs (6012)
Apartment Number Signs (6013)

Items from the product lines listed above that have SKUs ending with a dash and asterisk -* are available in multiple colors. When ordering, replace the asterisk * with the desired color code.

• Due to variations in printers and display screens, all color representations above are approximate.
• Color sample cards are available. Request sample cards from a retail dealer or a Goldberg Brothers sales representative.
• Raw steel does not have a protective coating. Rusting will occur.
• PC Chrome is a powder coat finish with a glossy, chrome-like appearance. It is not chrome plating.
• Steel components used with Matte Black Texture and Bronze Texture may have minor surface blemishes acquired during the
manufacturing process. These superficial variations will be hidden by the powder coating and do not affect product performance.
• Product lines not listed above may have different color options than the samples shown. See the individual product pages for color information.