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Goldberg Brothers Movie Reels Play a Role in Oppenheimer Film Release

July 28, 2023

Goldberg Brothers Movie Reels Play A Role In Oppenheimer Film Release

One of this summer’s biggest movies is Oppenheimer, directed by Christopher Nolan.  And we do mean big! For limited screenings on 70mm IMAX film projectors, the 3+ hour movie prints weigh several hundred pounds. The blockbuster flick is also getting screened on 35mm film at select theaters nationwide.

closeup image of several newly-made 70mm aluminum film reels awaiting inspection

Of course, a film print is not delivered to a movie theater on a single, giant reel. Instead, it is sent as several shorter segments on separate, smaller reels. The projectionist will splice together the segments so that the entire feature film can spool off a large, rotating platter in the projection system. Goldberg Brothers made a bunch of those smaller 70mm shipping reels for Oppenheimer earlier this year.  We recently had a writer from Westword, a local Denver news outlet, visit our factory to learn about the history of Goldberg Brothers and see how we made the film reels that helped bring Christopher Nolan’s artistry to a theater near you.  Check out the article by following this link: