Goldberg Brothers

Ticket Box / Ticket Tubes

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Ticket Box

The Goldberg Brothers standard ticket box measures 40″x16″x16″ with built-in wheels, handles and a clipboard holder make it easy to move and easy to use. Locking doors secure ticket stubs and supplies. A hinged schedule window allows convenient access to the top supply compartment.

Ticket Tube

When you are ready for a little something more unique, Goldberg Brothers offers a nostalgic and convenient ticket tube receptacle featuring a removable 12″ diameter film canister base cover and a louvered cap adapted from the classic Goldberg Brothers “No Draft” speaking tube. The sturdy 4-inch diameter tube stands 35″ tall. A removable plastic liner makes emptying ticket stubs from the tube quick and easy. Several color combinations are available to blend with your theater’s existing rope-and-stanchion equipment.Ticket Tube Receptacle