Goldberg Brothers

Theater Lobby Decor

We can help decorate with a movie theme

Film Reel Displays

Genuine Goldberg Brothers film reels make great wall decor displays for your home theater or office. With some scissors, adhesive tape and a little imagination, you can even use them as multi-image photo frames.


Our authorized retailers offer 3- or 4-reel kits in natural or rustic finishes. We keep the reels separate so you can arrange them and re-arrange them to your heart’s content.

Each kit includes a strip of 35mm film to drape or wind on your reels as you see fit.


Film Reel Wall Clocks

You never have to wonder if it’s time for the movie to start if you’ve got a Goldberg Brothers film reel 38-inch-film-reel-clock-goldberg.clock. Our clocks make great gifts for movie fans and filmmakers of all ages.