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ELR Shipping Cases and Systems

ELR Shipping Case

The ELR shipping case is designed to safely transport up to 7,000 feet of 35mm film on any standard reel or plastic center core, along with three trailer reels and 2 CD-ROM discs. The case can also be used to ship 16mm film on up to two 26-inch diameter reels. The case features a protective rubber lining and an interlocking system that allows multiple cases to be securely shipped as a single unit.


ELR Show Shipper System

The ELR show shipper case is an ideal container for shipping extended-length, assembled film prints. Two available sizes accommodate 7,000 feet or 14,000 feet of 35mm film. The center core can easily be removed to allow a projectionist to place a shipped film directly on the projection platter, saving time and effort, and minimizing wear-and-tear.