Goldberg Brothers

Projection Booth Accessories

Clamps, Rollers, Adapters and more

Goldberg Brothers carries a variety of essential tools and adapters for your projection booth.


Reel Dogs

Also known as film reel drive dogs, reel dogs can be used with most rewinders and make-up tables with standard 1/2-inch or 5/15-inch spindles. The body is made from solid aluminum and all other parts are steel. The included Allen key allows you to adjust the pins to accommodate most film reels.Reel_Dogs

Universal Slide Projector Shelf

This shelf adapter kit can be mounted to most 12-to-40-inch wide port windows. A non-skid rubber map helps keep the projector from shifting and link chains allow you to adjust the projection angle. Universal_Slide_Proj_Shelf

Reel Adapters

A must-have accessory available in industry standard sizes.Reel_Adaptors