Goldberg Brothers


Supporting 15" and 24" Reels

Goldberg Brothers film rewinders have been the workhorses of the movie theater industry for decades. Their professional quality and durability make them an essential tool in every film projection booth.

Model B Rewinder

Our classic Goldberg Model B Rewinder works with standard film reels up to 15-inches in diameter. Its heavy steel construction and enamel coating helps protect film prints from dust and damage. This rewinder can be custom-built to accommodate either 16mm or 35mm reels. Its reliable 50-cycle motor has an automatic stop feature to further protect the print.


Model 24 Rewinder

The open design of our Model 24 rewinder accommodates reel diameters up to 24 inches and can be wall-mounted with optional welded-steel brackets. Like the Model B, our Model 24 rewinder features a durable 50-cycle motor with an auto-stop feature.