Goldberg Brothers

Stainless Steel Barn Door Track Hardware

Putting a New Shine On Your Barn Door

If you are looking for a more polished look, instead of the standard metallic style, we have a great alternative option. This new contemporary look is solid stainless steel barn door track hardware, with a #4 brushed finish, great for exterior or high moisture areas.

And if you have an all-glass barn door, that is no problem – kits are available for 3/8” and 1/2” thick glass.

Stainless Steel Kit: Standard Mount

Stainless Steel Kit: Top Mount

Stainless Steel Lag Head Caps are also available.  1” Round Solidstainless-lagbolts Stainless Steel Cover Caps to dress up the track lag bolt heads, for a cleaner finished look. This option is sold separately in sets of 6 and installs easily with set screw.

Pull Options

Our Stainless Steel Pull and Flush Pull handle options will complement your room’s design ascetic.

Pull Handle

Pull Handle

flush pull handle

Flush Pull Handle

Privacy Latch is also available with the stainless steel package.