Goldberg Brothers

Shutter Series - Barn Door Hardware for Cabinets, Windows, and More

Add a touch of style and functionality to any room

Open your cabinet designs to an exciting world of possibilities. Our shutter series of barn door hardware will add drama and functionality to kitchen cabinets, pantry doors, entertainment centers, bathroom cabinets, windows and more.

Shutter Series Barn Door Hardware features include:


• Adjustable panel thickness for ³⁄₄”, ⁷⁄₈”, 1”, and 1¹⁄₈” all in the same kit

• Two sets of lag bolts for either wall mounting or cabinet frame mounting

• 75 lbs. maximum weight load

• 2” Delrin silent rollers

• ³⁄₁₆” x 1¹⁄₄” track

• 1¹⁄₄” x 7” x ¹⁄₈” strap hangers

• Adjustable wall-mount bottom guide

• 3” flush pull available

• 4” pull handle available

• Single packaging sized by track length: 18” up to 72” and every 6” in-between

• Ten colors available

• Top mount hanger set available

• Bypass bracket kit available (works with standard strap or top mount sets)

Sliding barn door hardware delivers a creative touch and custom expression to your cabinets. This popular trend adds a modern yet rustic appearance. Plus they also save space, since there is no swing room required.

Shutter Series Information Sheet