Goldberg Brothers

MP (Multi-family Projects) Series

For larger, multi-door projects

For larger, multi-door projects, the new MP (Multi-family Projects Series) provides an economical alternative. Designed to fit 1⅜” to 1¾” doors, the three color choices plus three roller mount options provide Goldberg Brothers quality when large quantities are needed.


MP Series straight strap mount hardware set

Works with 5 installation options:
• 1⅜ʺ thick door
• 1⅜ʺ thick door with ½ʺ extensions
• 1⅜ʺ thick door with 1ʺ extensions
• 1¾ʺ thick door
• 1¾ʺ thick door with ½ʺ extensions

Door weight limits:
• straight strap hardware set – 125 lb
• top mount hardware set – 75 lb
• horseshoe mount hardware set – 250 lb

Hardware sets include:
• Delrin® silent rollers with ball bearings
• aluminum T-guide
• anti-jump blocks
• track stops
• extra long ⁵/₁₆ʺ lag bolts (6 per set)
• 1ʺ nylon wall spacers (6 per set)
• ½ʺ nylon wall spacers (12 per set)
• drywall fender washers

Available colors:
• Black – track, hangers, rollers and most other components are black
• Silver Metallic – with black rollers and wall spacers
• Arch Bronze – with black rollers, wall spacers, nuts & bolts

Optional accessories:
• Soft Stop motion buffer system
• track connecting plate
• hollow core back support plate
• sidewall bracket & adjustable U-guide (use Standard Series accessories)
• 24ʺ T-guide & aluminum floor guide (use Standard Series accessories)

Track lengths:
• 4ʹ, 4ʹ8ʺ, 5ʹ, 5ʹ4ʺ, 6ʹ, 7ʹ, 8ʹ standard tracks


Mount Options:

Colors Available:

MP Series – Installation Details




Standard Mount Installation Details