Goldberg Brothers

Barn Door Hardware Kits

Your Barn Doors Can't Move Without Them

Goldberg Brothers barn door hardware kits include everything you need but the door, for most standard installations. Choose from our four different product lines:

Standard Series — Our flagship product line with J-strap, Top mount and horseshoe mounting options.
Stainless Steel Series — Our beautiful brushed steel hardware with straight strap and top mounting options.
MP (Multi-family projects) Series — Our economical product line ideally suited for apartments, hotels, office buildings and other projects where cost is a concern and heavy doors aren’t required.
Shutter Series — Our miniature barn door hardware for shutters, cabinets and other creative uses.

You can further customize your doors with these optional products, all sold separately or by special order:

  • decorative accent trims
  • door pulls
  • privacy latches
  • silent rollers
  • installation templates
  • extra hangers
  • soft stop systems