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Barn Track Check List / Order Form

There are many choices and options when deciding on your barn door hardware. Let us help you sort through your options. At the end of this form, you can click to email it to us & we’ll contact you to answer any other questions you have. When you are ready, we’ll have your choices in hand and ready to go.


You are also welcome to print off and complete this Barn Track checklist PDF, then bring it into your local dealer.


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Barn Track Check List / Order Form

Step 1:

Basic steel powder coated, standard or top mount. Stainless steel standard, top mount, or glass (3/8-1/2”glass).

Step 2:

Powder Coated finish for lasting durability. Finish is not plated and not recommended or warranted for exterior use.

For Steel PC 6001 series only

Step 3

Each hardware pack is packed to include the door bolts for the roller hangers and the track to wall mounting hardware based on the thickness of the door.

Step 4

  • Length of track is based on the width of your door times 2 less ½” to allow for overlap.
  • Standard sizes are listed, but special lengths under 8’ are available. 8’ is the maximum due to shipping restrictions and powder oven restraints.
  • Pairs of bi-parting doors require no additional hardware: only two track and two hardware packs.
  • If you need longer than 8’ on a single run add a connecting plate and wall mounting kit per additional track.

Step 5

Accessories - Additional parts may be required to complete your unique install.

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