Goldberg Brothers

Barn Door Accessories

Customize your hardware to fit your style

Our barn door track kits are available in ten color finishes, plus stainless steel, for a look to match any decor. You can further customize your doors with these optional accessories:


If one sliding barn door is great, then two sliding barn doors are awesome! (And don’t even get us started on four.) All this awesomeness is possible with our optional Goldberg Barn Track Bi-Pass Hardware Set.

When combined with our standard barn door track hardware kit and some additional track and related parts, you can hang one door in front of the other. When fully extended, both doors cover a double-width passage way. With a pair of bi-pass sets, you can hang a total of four doors on two tracks to cover a quadruple-width passage way.

The second track for the additional door can be mounted on a soffit above the doorway, or you can add optional spacers for non- soffit installation.

Frankly, it gets a little complicated and you may need a few more parts than what is included in the standard set, so be sure to work with your local Goldberg barn track retailer to make sure you get everything you need for your custom installation.

See our Bi-Pass Hardware pages for more specific information, detailed drawings, and layout options.


Customize your Goldberg Brothers barn track with an optional pair of accent trims. These fun accessories add your personal style to our barn door hardware.GBT Pine Tree Accent

  • Dozens of styles & themes
  • Powder-coated metal
  • Available in black, silver, rustic brown or architectural bronze

GBT Golf AccentVisit any of our barn door track retailers and ask about these optional decorative accent trims. If you don’t find your favorite design in-stock, they will be happy to place a factory order for you.


hardware1Complete the look of your Goldberg barn track-sliding doors with a set of matching door handles and flush pulls.

Our solid bar stock handles can be mounted on the interior (room-facing) side of single or double barn doors. They are available in all four of our standard barn track colors in 7-inch, 11-inch and 16-inch lengths.


When you have passing barn doors or one that slides against a wall, Flush Pulls provide a stylish handle to easily maneuver the entry. Two different sizes (6″ and 12″) plus multiple color options for you to choose from, these pulls are designed to coordinate with today’s popular contemporary and classic designs.

6in SS 6in WH

12in SS 12in BL


GBTPrivacyLatchYou don’t have to give up your privacy when using one of our barn track kits on a sliding bedroom or bathroom door. Our optional privacy latch offers a sturdy, simple solution for keeping that door shut when you want to be alone. This versatile latch can be mounted either on the door or on the wall, depending on how your door is installed and which side of the door you want to keep private. It does not require a key and it can be overridden in an emergency. Durable router templates are available for precise installation.



Sliding barn doors can make a bit of noise as the metal rollers glide along the metal track, which adds to the rustic charm. However, for rooms where silence is golden (like a baby’s room or a reading room), you can order any Goldberg Barn Track kit with optional, factory-installed silent rollers.GBTSilentRollers

Instead of metal, these rollers are made with Dupont™ Delrin® acetal resin, a high-tech polymer developed for its stiffness, strength and its suitability for precision manufacturing. Our silent rollers are available in black, only, but they can be substituted into any of our barn track kits. They must be installed at our factory, so please ask an authorized retailer to place a special order for you.

IMPORTANT: We do not recommend using resin rollers with doors weighing more than 200 pounds.


Top Mount Roller Hangers are sold in sets of two or individually. If used as a set, with no strap hangers, the door weight limit is reduced to 100 lbs. These rollers work great on hollow core doors or as an additional hanger in the middle of very large doors. Fits all door thicknesses.


See our Top Mount Roller Hanger documents for installation details and diagrams.